The Journey

I could reblog every single post from Thulean Perspective, but this fairytale / short story does the job for today. Easy reading with a profound lesson contained therein for us proud sons of Ôðinn!

Thulean Perspective

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First someappropriate music.

Some time ago I did something I am not very good at; I made up a story and wrote what was intended to be a fairy tale intended for children, and was even happy with the result. If I had been able to I would have done this more often, and ideally I would be doing that instead of making music – the latter I do only because it is all I know, and apparently because that is what I am intended to do.

The story in question was called Perþ, and it is named after a rune sign. The name translates as “journey”, mainly of a spiritual kind, of man travelling up or down between the realms of man and spirits. I don’t remember exactly when I wrote it, but it must have been some time…

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Autumn Update

Greetings White Wolfpack!

(Yes, that is what I am officially calling all of you glorious folk who have been showing me great support since I began this solo endeavour.)

I finally got around to making my homepage halfway decent. Here you can now find all of my song lyrics, a comprehensive list of the gear that I use, photos, as well as music recommendations, book recommendations, and links to all of my social media / online stuff. When the time comes for me to create merch I’ll be selling that here too (speaking of which, let me know in the comments if you’d be into that)!

Moving on…

Autumn is upon us, and with a new season comes new ventures. As well as releasing new music, I will be creating videos and writing blogs / articles that branch out a little from the musical side of things and reach more into the metapolitical field; as many of you know (or will have extrapolated from my lyrics) there is a lot going on in Europe at the moment that needs to be addressed, and I feel that the best way for me to do so is a one-two punch of both musical content and direct speech. I’ve had the great fortune to meet many like-minded and strong-willed fellow sons of mother Europa over the past few weeks; here’s to you proud wolves who aren’t afraid to join our fight.

Welcome to the pack.

Howl with me!



The White Wolf