Quick Update!

As some of you may know, I’m currently in the midst of a huge and rather complicated move from London to North Yorkshire, hence being a little less active musically – but fear not! I’m quietly working on demos for my upcoming debut album, and full recording shall commence once I’m settled in my new house in Whitby. The demos are already sounding ridiculous; I have no qualms about saying that this album is going to be something really special.

Oh, and to all of you gearheads: I have a few new rather insane pieces of gear to be revealed next month, so stay tuned!


(((The Grammy Awards)))

James Hetfield stated in a recent interview that he moved out of California to distance himself from left-wing elitists.

A couple of months later, Metallica play (((The Grammy Awards))). The band receives no introduction alongside Lady Gaga from the degenerate announcer – despite being the more commercially successful act – and James’ microphone is turned off for the majority of the performance.

How mysterious.