The White Wolf EP

Warriors and maidens of Evropa, I present to you: The White Wolf EP!
This definitive EP replaces everything that I’ve released thus far and collects all six of my previously released songs in my original vision: one quality EP that will take you on a an epic (and heavy) musical journey.
I was previously unable to do this due to various limitations – hence releasing them separately – but now the gods hath deemed it fit to bestow upon me the time and technical ability to do so.
This isn’t simply a compilation, though; each of the tracks has been painstakingly remixed and remastered from the original recordings to give more depth, clarity, punch and dynamics – overall far superior sound!
Furthermore, to celebrate the release (and as a welcome gift to my many new subscribers) I shall be offering a 50% discount on the entire EP for a limited time – just head to my Bandcamp page (link below) and use the code 1488 upon checkout! That’s just £2 for six excellent songs, which I’m sure you’ll agree is ridiculous.
I am sure that you’ll all greatly enjoy the EP – do feel free to share it with your friends to help make this something truly special!
The White Wolf EP is OUT NOW via Bandcamp, is available to stream on my YouTube channel, and shall be available on all major online music retailers by the end of the week.
For honour and glory!
Josh Dalviken
The White Wolf of Evropa

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