New gear day!

Audio-Technica ATM650 hypercardioid dynamic microphone to replace my Shure SM57. The ATM650 has a slightly more aggressive midrange and less high-end fizz than the SM57, whilst retaining all the best qualities such as a weighty low-end response, superior isolation and tough-as-nails workhorse build. I shall henceforth be using it to mic up my guitar cab for future riff videos, so prepare thy ears for some serious crunch!

Long overdue beauty shot of my trusted old companion.

My ESP Eclipse-I CTM in rare and magnificent Dark Purple Satin. My first “proper” guitar, that I’ve now owned for nearly ten years. It’s been somewhat neglected in recent times, mainly due to the fact that since discovering the glorious Lundgren Pickups, I can no longer stand the sound of the EMG 81. It also has scratchy pots due to years of use, abuse and sweat corrosion from playing live. I’m planning on giving it a new lease of life in the coming year with Lundgren Pickups, new pots and new hardware!