Thomastik-Infeld Power Brights

Thomastik-Infeld Power Brights.
Handwound in Vienna.
Percussive attack and excellent projection with a beautiful, balanced response and rich harmonic overtones.
In addition, taking into consideration my music’s symphonic elements and the company’s rich heritage in creating strings for classical instruments, I can think of no more suitable brand for me to support.
Truly god-tier guitar strings, pictured here matching wonderfully with my equally god-tier Timber Tones bone plectra.

“Two Notes to bind them…”

NGD in the Wolf’s Lair – the Two Notes Torpedo Captor! This little French tank not only perfectly complements the aesthetic of my Diezel VH4, it allows me to bypass the speaker cabinet and record the sound of the amplifier silently, directly in to my laptop – effortlessly combining the best of both analogue and digital (hence the introductory LOTR paraphrase). This means that I will no longer be restricted to recording my loud amplifier only during sociable hours (which is a very difficult thing to achieve between neighbours, work, and training commitments), which in turn means that regular guitar videos are incoming!
Furthermore, using the Two Notes Wall of Sound software enables one to mix and match speakers, cabinets and microphones in order to sculpt the perfect tone which, for a particularly discerning man as myself, is a most exciting prospect and shall serve me well on everything that I record henceforth; from my Instagram videos to my forthcoming original music!
Merci for the magic, Two notes Audio Engineering!
-J- 🐺


Zelda, the Twilight Princess

After months of arduous collection sidequests, overcoming fierce trials in the Temple of the Riff and ultimately receiving divine blessing from the Shrine of Melody, my ESP Eclipse-I CTM Dark Purple Satin has been reborn, her true power awakened, imbued with the spirit of the gods.
Equipped with premium Gotoh hardware, Schaller straplocks and the magnificent Lundgren Black Heaven ceramic pickup set, she has become a truly regal, majestic instrument – thus, I have bestowed upon her a new name and title befitting her beauty and grandeur: Zelda, the Twilight Princess.

New gear day!

Audio-Technica ATM650 hypercardioid dynamic microphone to replace my Shure SM57. The ATM650 has a slightly more aggressive midrange and less high-end fizz than the SM57, whilst retaining all the best qualities such as a weighty low-end response, superior isolation and tough-as-nails workhorse build. I shall henceforth be using it to mic up my guitar cab for future riff videos, so prepare thy ears for some serious crunch!